The School of Administration (WSA) in Bielsko-Biala was established in 1997 by Mikołaj Rey's Educational Society – organization of Bielsko-Biała’s intellectuals. The main reason for establishing non-public academy in the city was to provide economy and society of Poland and Europe with highly educated professionals that will contribute to their development.

The school developed and in 2001 the Department of International Studies (DIS) was opened. The programme in international studies was prepared and initiated by the eminent professors from the Krakow’s most renowned universities. Lecturers, researchers and students from the Department established links with the foreign academic institutions and initiated several international projects. As DIS developed, the number of teenagers from abroad studying international relations grew. The authorities of the Department decided to create a programme addressed especially for English speaking students. As one of the fields of our research is economic, political and social development of the former socialist countries, Central and East European Studies track was established entirely for the English-speaking students.