Magdalena Kozub-Karkut

Ph.D, she earned her degree in International Relations from Jagiellonian University (MA 2008). Her PhD (2013) was on the global governance concept. From 2013 onwards she has been researcher at the Department of International Studies at the School of Administration.

She took part in numerous programmes and international conferences including: The European Model United Nations (EuroMUN) in Maastricht, Garnet PhD School Global Governance, Regionalism and the Role of the EU, EUSOC (European Graduate School for the Social Sciences) as well as the 8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations One International Relations or Many? Multiple Worlds, Multiple Crises (Warsaw, 2013). Author of academic papers on globalization as well as IR theories.
She participated in several research projects (mainly: Global governance – as a theoretical perspective. The analysis of the concept development before 2005 - the research project founded by National Science Centre), currently she works as a researcher dealing with the Religion in the public sphere. Religious identities in the multireligious regions of Central - Eastern Europe, case of Poland, Western Ukraine and Slovakia – the research project founded by National Science Centre. Member of the Polish International Studies Association and the European International Studies Association.

Selected works in English:

  1. The European Union – A Normative Power Actor, in: The European Union's Neighbourhood Challenge: Transborder Cooperation, Migration and Europeanization, K. Bachmann, E. Stadtmüller (eds.), Wyd. UniwersytetuWrocławskiego, Wrocław 2011, pp. 19-36.