Department of International Studies (DIS) participates in different research initiatives.

Our main fields of academic interest are multiculturalism, identity and cultural heritage, East and Central Europe, international tourism and regional development.


DIS has been hosting two important scientific conferences recently. The first of them was International Scientific Conference “The Polish state and Poles in the Diaspora” which was held from 6 to 8 December 2012. The second one, the third convention of Polish Association for International Studies (PAIS) was held on 9th of November 2013 and was devoted to “The importance of realism for development of international relations studies: typology and classification, the research on state’s foreign policy and international relations”. The event was prepared in cooperation with Polish Association for International Studies.


DIS has also its own academic journal – “Gentes & Nationes”. This periodical is listed on the “B” list of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Every article published in our journal is granted with 4 points.


Aside from the periodical DIS has published a number of monographs. The most recently published books are: “The Polish State and the Poles in the Diaspora”; “The Influence of European Integration on Cultural Transformation and Social and Economic Development of Cieszyn Silesia Euroregion”; “Threats to Multiculturalism”; “Essays on the Jewish Cultural Heritage”.


DIS received also a research grant from Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The research conducted by the team concerned the issue of cultural transformation and social and economic development of Cieszyn Silesia Euroregion after Poland and Czech Republic joined European Union.

At the moment the DIS team is conducting project entitled “Religion in the public sphere. Religious identities in the multireligious regions of Central-Eastern Europe: The case of Poland, Western Ukraine and Slovakia”.