Marian Małecki

Marian_MaleckiPhD, expert in euregional policy, economic and trade law, history, history of law and governments’ forms. Associate professor at the Chair of History of State and Law of rhe Jagiellonian University. Legal counsel. Coordinator of the research project of the School of administration ‘Euroregion Beskidy’. Author of 7 books and numerous academic paper, member of several academic organizations and associations in Poland and abroad.
Selected works in foreign languages:
„Uber die Einflusse des bochmisches Rechtes aufdas polnische Recht seit der Schlacht am. Weisen Berge bis zum Jahrel918. Die ausgewahlten probleme". w: „Vyvoj ceske ustavnosti v letech 1618-1918”, Praha 2006,s. 741 -756.
„Les Habsbourg ou les Hochberg sür le tron polonais? La conception de former 1'Etat  polonais  selon 1'acte du 5 novembre 1916". w: „Pocta Slanislavu Baliku k 80. narozeninam”, Plzeń 2008, s. 229 – 235.
„Diéte Nationale de Galicie” , w: „Parlamentos: a Lei, a Pratica e as Representaçỏes. Da Idade Media á Actualidade. Parliaments: the Law, the Pratcice and the Representations. From the Middle Ages to rhe Present Day”, Assembleia de Republica, Universidade de Coimbra, Lisboa 2010, s. 161 – 166.
„Le roi manqué de Pologne- Stéphane II Habsburg”, w: „Constitutional Developments of the Habsburg Empire in the Last Decades before its Fall. The material of Polish – Hungarian Conference Cracow, September 2007, s. 75 – 79.
„Cracow's Legal Heritage”, w: „Journal on European History of Law”, London 2012, vol. 3, nr 1, s. 162 – 169.
„From Holy Land to Poland. The History of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre”, Katowice – Miechów 2013, ss.159.