Emila Moddelmog-Anweiler

Emilia_Moddelmog_AnweilerM.A., expert in identity politics, intercultural relations and religion and politics. PhD student in the Institute of European Studies of the Jagiellonian University where she is preparing dissertation on religious identities in public sphere. She gained her experience as academic teacher (Jagiellonian University 2008-2011, Cracow University of Economics 2012-2014) and co-researcher (RECON –Jagiellonian University 2007, The School of Administration KBN reasearch project 2009-2010). She took part in international exchange programmes: CEEPUS (University of Vienna, 2007) and in the numerous international programmes and conferences including: IMPREST (Maastricht University, 2006), KADOC (University of Leuven, 2008), EURPAEUM (2008, 2009), Migration Conference (Masaryk University in Brno, 2010). She has published in "Gentes et Nationes" and "Euro-Facta". Cooperates with the School of Administration from 2008.