Czesław Porębski

Czeslaw PorebskiProfessor at the Jagiellonian University. 1973-2005 he was a member of the Chair of Philosophy at the Krakow University of Economics. 2003-2011 he was professor at the Josef Tischner European University. 1999-2004 he was a Professor of social and political philosophy at the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein, and from 2004 he has been a permanent visiting scholar there. He studied law and philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Some publications: Na przykład Szwajcarzy (For example the Swiss), Krakow 1994; Polish Value Theory, Krakow 1996; Umowa społeczna. Renesans idei (Social Contract. Renaissance of an Idea), Krakow 1999; Lohnt es sich, moralisch zu sein, Fribourg 2000; O Europie i Europejczykach (On Europe and the Europeans), Krakow 2000; Co nam po wartościach? (What Do We Need Values For?), Krakow 2001; L’Invention de l’Autre (eds.: Joanna Nowicka and Czesław Porębski), Paris 2008.

He worked as a visiting professor at the universities of Graz, Trento, Fribourg (Switzerland), Santiago de Chile, Ciudad de Mexico (UNAM), Lviv (UCU), Paris (Marne-la-Vallee), Dublin (Trinity College).

Some of the courses he taught there (and at the IAP, Liechtenstein):
Introduction to Philosophy; Political Philosophy, Contemporary Political Philosophy; Classical Economic Thought; Business Ethics; Value Theory and Meta-Ethics; Polish Value Theory; Logic and Methodology; Game Theory for Philosophers; Individual, Society  and Political Order; The Essence of Community and the Foundations of Peace; Person und Gemeinschaft; Politik und politische Philosophie in „der Welt von gestern“; The Idea of Europe and Philosophy; Dostojevskij as Philosopher; Person und Gemeinschaft im Reich der Despoten: politische Philosophie in Russland im 19. Jahrhundert; History of Political and Social Thought; Some Central European Ideas that Have Mattered; Philosophy, Literature, and Politics in Central Europe around 1900; Democracy in Philosophical Perspective; Which Way to Europe: European Unity and the Diversity of Historical Experiences and Perspectives of the Europeans.

Selected works available on-line:

Поьлская политическая мысль XIX в. о европейском единстве, [in:] Россия-Полша. Проблемы взаимного воспрятия, МГУ, Москва 2013.

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