Central and East European Studies (in English)


This track immerses students in the politics, history, society and culture of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We will give you excellent skills and expertise in the European Union and international affairs, economy and management. It is geared towards social scientists wanting to investigate concepts of identity and democracy from a philosophical and historical perspective, as well as those interested in integration theory, diplomacy practice, minorities, cultures heritage and tourism.

Students address the abovementioned issues using a Central and Eastern European lens. This focus provides DIS students with a unique academic skill set, which helps identify the situated characteristics of the region, and its relationship to the European Union.

Graduate Profile and Professional Career:

The Central and Eastern European track gives graduates the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue careers in national and local government administration, public service institutions, international organizations, NGO’s, academia, travel enterprises and many more. Curriculum which is implemented prepares you for:

  • professional career in national governments, and above all in diplomacy
  • acting for a local society in local government administration
  • effective management of a tourist enterprises
  • performing managerial duties at logistics posts
  • working professionally in media, politics and non-governmental organizations
  • managing crisis situation and planning security strategy
  • applying financial funds offered by the European Union
  • flexible reacting to the needs of contemporary job market



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